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Wonderful Tricks For Mobile Phones Here is some Secret tricks for your mobile phone. 1.  Deactivate receive calls  Type **21*999999#, then press the green answering key. If someone is to call you, he / she will hear ‘the number you dialed does not exist’, isn’t it cool? To disable this feature, type ##21#, then press the answering key again, and everything will be normal. 2.   Get your keys locked in your car and get a remote control at home ?   Call home and tell anyone to press the unlock button and keep your mobile phone 1 foot away from the car, this really works. 3.  Battery is going dead (Increase Battery Life) Type *3370# and your cell phone is going to restart, and you can expect to see an increase of 50% in battery life level, now you can make any emergency calls. This only works for Nokia cell phones. 4.   Get your mobile phone lost or stolen?   Type *#06# and you will get your IMEI number, tell your service provider this number and

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