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Story Behind Bishnoi Community Vs Salman Khan

Understanding Bishnoi community and their 20 years of struggle against Salman Khan :  Nowadays people are concerned about Bishnoi community and their link with salman khan black buck case. So let's understand about Bishnoi community first which will automatically justify the point of their fight with salman khan. Bishnoi is a Hindu religious sect found in the Western Thar Desert and northern states of India. Bishnoi communities are well known for the sacrifices they have made to protect nature. They follow the teaching of Guru Jambheshwar (Environmentalist, Saint, Philosopher). Jambheshwar guided people to follow set of 29 principles/commandments and his teachings also include 120 shabads, are known as  Shabadwani . Bishnoi community grabbed much attention because of their love for the environment and the living. Their care for the wildlife, flaura and fauna had made them popular. In  Chipko movement  or  Chipko Andolan where people clung onto trees to prevent them fro

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